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Friday, March 16, 2007

BlogSync Help

BlogSync don't save any user information to any server, It use client communication ability to connect to blogger and feed url. But unfortunately, not all browsers support this method, so the following software and setting is required.

  • Firefox
  • signed.applets.codebase_principal_support setting
    in Firefox about:config page, set signed.applets.codebase_principal_support to true.
  • Flashplayer 9
  • You may be asked if you allow script to use the enhanced abilities of "Read private data from any site or window", It is because BlogSync need to communicate with Blogger site or feed url, by default, all browsers don't allow that. To make BlogSync work, you have to choose Allow and check "Remember this decision".

  • Source Manager
  • Source Manager manage all your sources. Everytime you start using BlogSync Source Manager will check you sources' availability.
    Checkbox "save this list on local machine": When you check this, BlogSync will save your source list on local machine for next time use. If you are using public PC, You'd better not check this.
    • Compare selected: Compare selected 2 sources, then list the result.
    • This button is enabled only when you select 2 sources, and at least one of them is "blogger", and their status are "ready".
    • Add new: Will take you to add new sources page.
    • Delete: Delete selected source from Source Manager.
    • Manage Posts: List all posts from the selected source.
    • This button is enabled when you select one "blogger" type source.
    • Recheck Failed: Recheck sources with status "failed".
    • When a source status turn into "failed", you can recheck it by click recheck button, if it "failed" again, you should delete it from your Source Manager and add it again.

  • Add Source
  • Here you can add source to BlogSync.
    If you are adding a Feed, just fillin the url of the feed and then click add. If you want to add a blogger account, Click on the big button below, which will take you to Google Accounts, at there you login and grant access to BlogSync, then you will be taken back to BlogSync, BlogSync will display all your blogs under your account. you can choose some of them to add to BlogSync as sources.

  • Compare Results
  • Post Manager
  • Here you can see a list of posts in the selected source.
    To delete posts, select the ones that you want to delete, then click "delete".
    becareful, you cannot undo this deletion.

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