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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

How to exclude self traffic when using Google Analytics in blogger

This article was translated from this one.

Many bloggers use Google Analytics to track their blog's internet traffic. But when we testing templates, checking articles ... our traffic is logged in Analytics too, which makes the report inaccurate. How can we exclude traffic by ourselves?

In Analytics help center there is an article introduced a method to exclude traffic by filtering ip addresses. If you have a fix ip, this method should work fine. But for others who don't have a fix ip, it's useless.

Is there an other way?

Yes there is.
There is another article in Analytics help center teaching you how to classify your visitors by setting a customed string value to their cookie, the value will be logged by Analytics when they visit your site.
If you can identify your visitors , you surely can identify yourself too. Just let Analytics filter traffic with the custom value you defined to identify yourself.

Here is how you do it:
Post a new article, put the following html code in.
<a href="#" onclick="__utmSetVar('no_report');">Click me to exclude my traffic</a>

Then go to Analytics setting, create a new filter.
Filter type set to "Custom filter"
select "Exclude"
Filter Field set to "User defined"
Filter Pattern set to "no_report"
Save your new filter.

Now go to your new post in blogger, click on the link.
Then your traffic will no longer be included in Analytics report.


Anonymous said...

This is great! Exactly what I needed today. Clear instructions.

Anonymous said...

Solved exactly my problem. Great tip!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your share. I followed your steps yesterday but when I check the GA data today and it clearly tracks all my visits as well. Have I done anything incorrectly?

I have 2 questions which might be the points:

(1)I made a new post to paste the exclude code and set it as "private" because I don't want other people to see it and even click it. Will "private" setting affect? But I can still see this visit in GA data.

(2)I can revise this post to "public" if the "private" setting doesn't work. So can I delete this post(or the exclude code) in future once the filter starts to work? I really don't want others to see it and click it.

Thank you very much.

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